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The Dawn of Two Suns – Page 5

  It’s back! Finally! After a long hiatus (of almost two years, Jesus) I’m back with the next page of this comic. And now, it’s time to decide on clothes! […]

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New Overwatch Heroes?! /chat016

Could Blizzard be about to release some new heroes for Overwatch? Who could these new heroes be? I’ve got some theories!

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Overwatch Booty Stats? /chat015

This being the internet, of course there is already porn of Overwatch characters. But how popular is it? And is it all about that Tracer booty? The lovely people at […]

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GTA VI!? /chat013

Clickbaity title, go! Yeah, no luck here yet, but here’s some wishful thinking. Also some music I made just for this video, you lucky devils.

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Nuka Cola (Fallout 4) – The Mana Bar Ep.41

Are you prepared to enter the wasteland once more? Not without a refreshing Nuka Cola you’re not! Here’s what you’ll need to keep yourself quenched: – 3 measures coca cola […]

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Shiny and Chrome /chat012

My Halloween plans fell through, but that’s no reason for me not to get dressed up! I hope you guys have had a great Halloween no matter what you’re doing.

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Fire & Blood (Mad Max: Fury Road) – The Mana Bar Ep.40

WITNESS! A drink worthy of valhalla, the Fire & Blood is tasty and potent. Just don’t drink and drive on the fury road! Here’s what you’ll need: To rim the […]