Under da seeeeeea!

I have lived in Brighton for nearly four whole years now, but there is still so much that I have not done and seen around the town. Today, I managed to cross one of those numerous things off my mental list – I took my girlfriend to the Sea Life Aquarium down on the beachfront.

I have been to numerous aquariums in my twenty-two years, but that never diminishes the ability for a collection of fish to instil a childlike sense of awe and wonder, and today was no exception. Perhaps it is because I haven’t been to an aquarium for many years, or perhaps it is because my girlfriend and I have been rewatching Planet Earth – David Attenborough is one of the few masters of vocal persuasion; never has the movement of silt sounded so enthralling.

Massive spider-crabs, delightfully cute moon jellyfish, catfish of widely differing types and more were there to greet our gawk-eyed stares, and while I was having a whale of a time (for a pun, look to the left of these parentheses) there was little that truly left me speechless, until we proceeded to a larger, empty room.

We weren’t even sure if we were supposed to be in this empty hall – there were seats lining two of the walls, as if shows of some kind were supposed to take place here, but no one was there but us. We wandered up to the edge of the large pool that made up over half of the room and gazed down to see various fish swimming amongst a fake coral reef, as well as some black-tipped reef sharks, which we were both extremely happy about that considering Shark Week will be starting in a week. But then, emerging up into a corner of the pool, was something that left both of us slack-jawed;

A massive green sea turtle.

Followed by a massive loggerhead turtle.

I had never before seen a green turtle in real life before; only in documentaries had I glimpsed this majestic beast of the sea, but no more than two feet from me was a turtle of gargantuan proportions, gently swatting its way through the water. Nothing really prepares you for just how large these creatures are in real life, and both of us stopped to watch both of them for a good half an hour.

Aside from that, the sharks were awesome. Because, well, they’re sharks.

And so our day was made. After seeing some other awesome sights (including a frankly beastly octopus), we made our way to the gift shop, where my girlfriend bought herself a new friend, which can be seen below. However, we need a name for this cuddly, friendly shark, and so I pose the question to you, my readers – what should we name this adorable fish? My girlfriend had the idea of Henry, but I feel it deserves something a bit less shit more awesome.

So comment on this article with ideas, and I shall let you know which (if any) we decide to use. Happy trails.


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