It’s a problem that I know I’ve suffered from before, and any avid gamer, television-enjoyer or someone who just sits a lot will know the pain that is Swamp Ass.

For those who do not know what Swamp Ass is, watch the following video starring Nathan Fillion. He cares about Swamp Ass, and wants to stop it ruining the lives of sweaty sofa-jockeys everywhere.

Note: This can also apply to Betty Swollocks. Or Mary Hinge (not really, I just wanted to get that in here).



  1. I saw this video too and although it may look hilarious, there is a small message that comes across. SA is a real hygiene issue and something that we all would want to stay away from. Nathan “suggestion” to handle the problem is very funny and I am not so sure how effective it really is 🙂

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