My girlfriend and I went to see Captain America last night, and both of us left the cinema with massive smiles and a general feeling of “well that was pretty damned awesome.”

I won’t be posting anything about the story, so no spoilers here to worry about you sensitive readers. I will say that the story does indeed take place during World War Two, with a modern-day framing, but don’t worry about getting bogged down with Nazis – the antagonistic force of this film is most definitely Hydra and the Red Skull.

I was initially worried about how something as outwardly patriotic character such as Captain America would come across to a non-American audience, but I need not have concerned myself. The overt patriotism is actually mocked quite well in the film, tying in with the propaganda of the time, which these days seems incredibly gaudy and garish.

There is no actor or actress in the film that lets it down, with all performing well in their respective roles, especially Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving. There are nice little drop-ins from the comics for fans, and overall the film is fantastic, and I highly recommend ol’ Cap to everyone in search of not only a good comic movie, but a good action film in general.

And for the love of Nick Fury, stay after the credits – if you’re a Marvel film buff, you’ll know this already, but you really, really will want to stay for the post-credits jizzfest.

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