I like Burger King. One could perhaps even say that I love it, within the bounds of acceptable society. I go for lunch sometimes when I need a pick-me-up or fancy something high in KILLesterol. However, you know you go to Burger King too much when you get a special chicken burger that looks like this:

Now I’m sure that all of the girls behind the counter are lovely. I’m sure even some of the guys behind the counter are quite nice. But I can’t be sure whether this is just a freak happenstance or someone is trying to flirt with me through food. Which, to be honest, isn’t the worst idea in the world.

Either way, I slathered this baby with ketchup and scoffed it down with aplomb, so any possible attempt at romancing now lies festering somewhere in my digestive tract. But I still can’t help wondering…

Random fluke? Or crazy stalker chicken burger lady? You decide.


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