I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately – not about useless, trivial things such as whether or not She-Hulk could beat up Wonder Woman, or what atomic weight of my cock is, but actual, deep and meaning things.

I’ve considered the social ideals associated with success and the male sex, and how this could be seen as parallel to the way beauty and the female sex are regarded; I’ve given thought to my standing in the world and what drives me, as a person, to participate in a moral way of life given that I have no real religious background to enforce these morals; in passing I’ve even pondered what possible futures await mankind in the fields of medicine, technology, and the transference of the human psyche into an immortal machine body, and what possible implications this would have for the concepts of the soul and identity.

As such, I gave quite considerable thought to posting about one or more of these issues, transforming Absurdisan into a platform for intellectual discussion usually reserved for lecture halls and scientific hearings.

But then I thought, Penguin-Horse.

I probably will post about some of those issues later on as they interest me greatly and I’d love to start rambling about them and see where my mind takes me, but for now enjoy the graceful, stately and majestic product of a bored mind and bad photoshopping.


Write some words.

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