Greetings fellow Absurdisans!

Unfortunately for all of my wonderful readers, I am heading to America for the next two weeks, and so will not be able to pollute your internet with delightful ramblings and images such as the runaway success that was Penguin-Horse – I’m not joking either, Penguin-Horse is so far the most-viewed post I’ve ever made on here.

I’m going to America to see my girlfriend, so while you might be feeling sickly from the withdrawal symptoms of awesomeness-deprivation, I will be lording it up with the love of my life and generally having a fantastic and brilliant time. But do not fear! As I am leaving you with one last image that I hope will take the internet by storm just as much as Penguin-Horse did, an image to symbolise the magnificent country that I shall be visiting.

I present to you…



  1. Your picture is both a realistic and accurate depiction of the U.S.A. However, there is already a movie based on a true story that sums things up much like your artwork. Team America: World Police. 😉

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