It’s been a while since my last post here, mainly due to being in the States proposing to my girlfriend without the aid of a team, fighting illness upon my return and getting back to the routine of work, and I’m still a bit fatigued from the whole thing so I’ve decided to take it easy upon my home-coming to the site.

We all know and love Penguin-Horse, the lovable rogue chimeric creature who slays evil in all its forms and rescues various damsels and the like. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before his numerous fans started to create images and tributes in his name, and such is the topic of today’s post.

This first image was created by one of my new fiancée’s friends, proving that Penguin-Horse has successfully crossed the oceans and achieved international fame:

Clearly Frank has decided to branch out from traditional media, even surpassing the use of computers and digital art to create a wonderful rendition of Penguin-Horse with the power of magnetism – kind of a Magneto take on the world of art. So thank you, Frank, for giving us a truly unique tribute to the magnificence and splendour of this wonderful creature.

This second image comes from none other than my team manager at work, who I inadvertently introduced to my site by using Penguin-Horse as a desktop wallpaper:

Here we can see that my team manager has experimented with digital photomanipulation without indulging in the decadence of modern software. Trying a new, dynamic pose we can see Penguin-Horse bowing in sombre remembrance of the others who have fallen in the name of all that is good. A fantastic piece, and a welcome addition to the galleries of PHan-art (see what I did there?) that already surely adorn the walls of the world’s greatest galleries.

Do you have some PHan-art of your own? Send it in to with “PHan-art” in the subject and I’ll do my best to include everything I get.

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