You may have noticed the fancy new bit on the right-hand side of the page, and you can now put your suspicions to rest as I can confirm that yes – Abusrdisan is now on Twitter!

No longer will you have to wait until the following day for your dose of absurdity, as The Artisan of the Absurd will now be tweeting round the clock (kind of – more like whenever I feel like it) to bring you constant (again, probably intermittent) craziness all day (definitely a lot of the day, but I still need sleep).

So go and follow Absurdisan on Twitter and spread the love of all that is absurd to your friends and coworkers and family members and pets, if you’re one of those people who has a social networking account for their dog/cat/ostrich.

Also, today is the 100 year anniversary of Titanic’s maiden voyage which is quite something. Considering that this is one of the few times that listening to Celine Dion is deemed acceptable – or at least a necessary evil – go ahead and watch the film, see the 3D re-release, launch a tiny replica boat of your own, just do whatever you do when you celebrate the centennial anniversary of a maritime disaster.


  1. Excellent graphic. Coincidentally, I made mention of Celine Dion in my post from this morning. Is it asking too much to want the government to send out extraction teams, bundle up all of her discography EVER printed, put it in an air-tight lockbox, blow it up, and then scatter the ashes in the ocean?

    • Thanks! And no, that wouldn’t be enough because her career’s remains would still be on Earth. Jettison it all into the sun, and then we’re getting somewhere. We still have to figure out what to do with her, too.

  2. It still puzzles me greatly how Ms Dion has managed to eek out such a career. I would politely call her music ‘mild’ at best, to think she still must get paid every time that song is played, Cameron doesn’t own everything yet does he? Great post by the way and a great title.

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