There are a few universal truths – dogs have puppies, water is wet, and Batman is the biggest badass around. I know that the internet is awash with Batmania these days, but there are good reasons for this that I have touched upon briefly before and will most probably mention further in the future.

And now with the final film in the Chris Nolan trilogy approaching fast, we’re likely to get even more indundated with the badassery of Bruce Wayne. Some people might be sick of it, but I for one am not and I don’t have to look far to find out I’m not alone. Sure, he’s had his ups (The Dark Knight, most of the comics from the 80’s onwards) and downs (Batman & Robin) but ultimately Gotham’s protector has stood the test of time and still resides up there with the best of the world’s comic book heroes. Hell, he ranks higher than most who actually have superpowers.

So to all those who say that Batman is overrated, that he’s not a real superhero but instead just a rich man-child with a bunch of toys, that Bruce Wayne should have been gunned down along with his parents in that alleyway to save us all the trouble and Halloween costumes, I have nothing to say that the man himself can’t:

Yup, that’s Batman riding a narwhal through space. Why? Because he fucking can, that’s why.

Space background source –


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