Back in the day when I was first dreaming up the wonderful Absurdisan website, I had a few crazy ideas. One of which involved having a splash page that lead into the main site, until I realised that splash pages are annoying as hell, so that evolved into a pictoral header for the website. I whipped something up but then realised it would be too big to be practical, so that idea was scrapped, apparently never to see the light of day.

Until this day. I present to you myself riding atop Beerbear, the most magestic and magnificent of all beasts (possibly excluding PenguinHorse). This might end up becoming one of the Absurdisan t-shirts if I ever decide to get some made.


Apologies for the sub-standard post quality of late – I’m feeling pretty under the weather and I’m trying to fight a bad cold, so hopefully once I recover I can get back to writing full articles again.

Write some words.

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