A couple of days ago, I came home from a rough day at work, suffering through the heat-damaged etransportation of Southern Trains (I’m sure I will post a Stuff I Hate article about them sometime), and I was feeling pretty low. Luckily, my fiancee is over visiting me, and she said that something had arrived while I was at work. Intrigued, I came home to a large box, to which I set about opening with great care.


The box contained awesome bubble wrap, which is always awesome, so discovering the contents of aforementioned box was delayed somewhat.


Suddenly, my eyes beheld what was in the box – another box. But this other, smaller box was emblazoned with photos and words that made me astoundingly happy. Two days before it was supposed to arrive, I had received my limited collector’s Aperture Laboratories Handheld Portal Device.



My day was utterly made, and without wasting any more time with the frivolities of bubble wrap, I carefully opened the packaging and was finally able to hold my own Portal Gun. Now I can accomplish great feats – for science! Also, I now know exactly what I’m dressing up as for Halloween.


My fiancee was very happy for me and also grinning with nerdish delight, but for now her attention was elsewhere.


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