Cast your gaze to the right of this page – yes, that’s right – and now scroll down slightly. You might notice a funny box with lots of wonderful-looking people in it – those are the faithful and amazing fans of Absurdisan’s new Facebook page!

You should absolutely go and ‘Like’ Absurdisan on Facebook right now, because it is on there that I will be posting links to funny videos, articles and other things directly, rather than having to write a large article to frame such things nicely for publishing on here. So go, and spread the word – get your friends to ‘Like’ the page, and invite everyone you can.

That’s all I really wanted to say, so feel free to spread the love and the word like buttery goodness over the toast of social media. If you don’t want to hit the ‘Like’ button over in that little box, then click the overtly-obvious link below and ‘Like’ the page directly at the source!


UPDATE: The super-secret-special thank you video is now up and running, so go ahead and click on that link and ‘Like’ the Facebook page, and tell your friends to do the same! Also don’t forget to follow Absurdisan on Twitter and on Youtube for all-around coverage!

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