Hello internet-users! I’m creating a fantastic new project on YouTube that I hope will take off and get loads of people involved. This is a new project that I’ve not seen done before on YouTube. It’s a simple concept – it works like that children’s game/activity where one person writes a sentence, then hands it over to the next guy who writes another sentence, and so on. Except I’ll be introducing a story and then asking you guys for ideas on where the story should go from there. Depending on where the story is and what’s happening at the time, I might give some options to choose from or I might just leave it completely open. I’ll go through the comments and see what elements were popular or what sounded awesome and write them into the next part for the next video.

Rules for Suggestions:

  • All suggestions and ideas must be submitted in the comments section of the video on YouTube – not on Absurdisan.com or Facebook
  • Almost nothing is too outlandish or crazy – if you want to suggest that the main character is eaten alive by a giant toilet monster, go for it. If you think he should fall in love with an elf-vampire-alien hybrid against the wishes of her space-pirate father, you write that stuff down and let me know.
  • I’m not including anything super explicit – any sex scenes that occur will be toned down or subject to ninja-editing, violence will be context-relevant
  • If you see an idea you like, vote it up
  • No belittling or slagging off someone else’s idea – it might not appeal to you, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad

Watch the video to find out more:

Write some words.

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