Torgue Cocktail (Borderlands) – The Mana Bar Ep.13

After drinking this cocktail I went and clotheslined a bear before raising its young as my own. Nothing is as badass as caring for young animals. Here’s what you’ll need for this testosterone-pumping rocktail:

– a super badass goblet or glass
– 3 measures Limoncello
– 1/2 to 1 measure Kahlua
– Bitter lemon
– Monster energy drink (whichever you prefer)
– Lemons

Suplex the alcoholic ingredients into your goblet. Hurl in the bitter lemon until it’s around half-full, and then almost completely fill up the rest with whatever badass flavour of Monster or other energy drink you’ve decided to use. Then flex those muscles and squeeze the juice of the lemons in too.

The extra music I used in this episode comes from TeknoAXE, a wonderful creator of royalty-free music. Check them out at their website:
The songs used were “I’ve Got A Bazooka Man” and “Doing Hard Time”.

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