NOTE: This is a choose-your-own-adventure style comic – instructions are at the bottom of the post.



Ankaa and Corvus were the husband-and-wife leaders of a bandit group they named The Twin Suns – which admittedly was a bit narcissistic considering they were both Novakids, beings literally made of sun-stuff. They expanded their group and raided notable, high-value targets such as Miniknog supply shipments and the odd Hylotl art museum, gaining notoriety and members of various races across various galaxies. They would try to stay out of the public eye as much as possible, letting random lieutenants and subordinates be the public face of The Twin Suns so as not to draw attention to themselves. And things were pretty good.

However, Ankaa grew tired of thieving and heisting and other banditty verbs, and upon discussing it with Corvus they decided to try and make a go of the honest life, free from crime and its associated dangers and not-niceties. Now this did not go over too well with the aforementioned subordinates, seeing as these two Novakids knew the names and faces of many, many, many bandits, and they were somewhat unwilling to take these two lynchpins of intergalactic crime at their word that no one would be outed. At a weekly financial review (they ran a very well-managed operation), Corvus was taken unawares and knocked unconscious, and before Ankaa could do anything to retaliate the world went black she swore to herself as she hit the floor.


The sand was itchy as all hell, and the sun was uncomfortably hot. Hang on – sand? Sun? Ankaa sat up and realised she wasn’t dead. She did however have a nasty pain in her head, presumably where she was clobbered into unconsciousness.


Looking around Ankaa saw sand. A lot of sand. In fact, all she saw was sand followed by more sand and then a bit more sand. She quickly decided that this was a desert. She then decided that she hated deserts – nothing but itchy, pain-in-the-arse sand and a sun that would not quit.

She was cursing whatever geological processes brought about the creation of this particular desert when she noticed a couple of things that weren’t sand.


What a stroke of luck! It looks like her former bandit cohorts had exiled her to this hellish desert with her flask and Corvus’ laser pistol. She got up and dusted all the sand off that she could, but that never really works does it? You can never get sand off you. You just have to drive past a beach and suddenly you have sand everywhere.

Deciding she was also starting to hate beaches, Ankaa picked up the flask and pistol.


Empty. She knew there wouldn’t have been water in that flask, instead preferring to carry a fine distilled whiskey on her person, and that just frustrated her more. That was expensive whiskey. Had those bandit bastards drank it or just thrown it away? She could understand them drinking it, but throwing away such a fine beverage was nigh-on inexcusable. They probably ditched it down a sink, those idiots.

Oh right, she should probably check the gun.


Double-damn. The battery was nearly empty, which meant it was good for maybe a handful of shots before it crapped out altogether. How long had she been out here? Either the flight here took a good while or she’d been laying out in this star-forsaken sand for ages, because Corvus always kept his pistol charged, or at least had a spare with hi-


Corvus had been ambushed as well! Where had those imbeciles thrown him? If they had done anything to him at all, oooooh she would have such sweet vengeance. She would not rest until she found her beloved orange boobly-boo, wherever he may-



Now it’s your turn, my wonderful readers! This is a choose-your-own-adventure style comic in the vein of Prequel or Homestuck, but set in the Starbound universe that we all know and love – so what should Ankaa do now? How should she try to wake Corvus, and what should they do next? Get your suggestions down in this forum and I’ll pick up on the ones I like the most, quoting your forum name and your suggestion. So get to it – Ankaa and Corvus’ journey is only just beginning! Hopefully it involves less sand in the future.

Write some words.

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