WITNESS! A drink worthy of valhalla, the Fire & Blood is tasty and potent. Just don’t drink and drive on the fury road! Here’s what you’ll need:

To rim the glass:
– sugar
– red food colouring
– grenadine

For the drink:
– Fireball whiskey
– blood orange soda

Colour the sugar by putting it into a zip-lock bag with a few drops of the red food colouring. Shake up well and add more food colouring until the sugar is the blood-red colour you want, then pour onto a plate. Rub some grenadine on the lip of the glass and rub the glass on top of the sugar to coat the lip in red sugar.

Mix the drink straight into the glass – use 3 measures of Fireball whiskey and 3 measures of blood orange soda. Enjoy!

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