Absurdisan: (n) artisan of the absurd

Absurdisan.com was set up in July 2011 to give host to the rambling musings of its creator; the self-proclaimed first absurdisan, Rich Perry.

Rich spends much of his free time staring at a screen, whether that be a TV, phone or computer, and as such has amassed a wealth of utterly trivial and useless “knowledge” pertaining to the various worlds of entertainment; the friendly allure of TV, the spectacular escapism of films, the childlike wonder of video games, and the vast wilderness of the internet have all known Rich’s familiar scrutiny.

Now, for some unknown reason – possibly motivated by a lack of anything better to do – he has decided to give back to the digital world the only way he knows how – by commenting on and often deriding it on his own website. In an absurd fashion, of course.

So read on, dear interweb scallywag, for writings and rantings by the artisan of the absurd – the Absurdisan.

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