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Category: The Mana Bar

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Cookie Clicker Alcoshake – The Mana Bar Ep.38

It’s delicious and pretty easy to make, so whip up one of these and prepare to spend hours mindlessly clicking on a digital cookie for… I’m sure there’s a reason… Here’s what you’ll need: – vanilla ice cream (a few good scoops) – 235ml milk – 4/5 shots chocolate liqueur – 5 chocolate chip cookies (or however many you want) […]

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Chewbacca Cocktail – The Mana Bar Ep.33

He’s big, he’s hairy and you should always let him win. Everyone loves the big wookie, so here’s a cocktail for him. Here’s what you’ll need: – 1 measure Jagermeister – 1 measure root beer schnapps – dash gomme syrup – dash vanilla extract – lemonade Add all ingredients to a highball glass with ice and start roaring your merry […]

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Pangolin & Anshin Morning After Drinks (Borderlands) – The Mana Bar Ep.22

If you’ve partied too hard, you might need some protection from that dreaded morning after. These two shield-manufacturers have got you covered! Here’s what you’ll need: Pangolin – 5 measures hot milk – 2 measures scotch whiskey – 1 measure Drambuie – 1 teaspoon suger – pinch of cinammon Stir all ingredients together in a mug. Anshin – 1 measure […]

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Eridian Cocktail (Borderlands) – The Mana Bar Ep.21

The crazy ancient alien race from the first Borderlands game made some insane stuff – artifacts, guardians, statues, and even the vault itself. But their guns were by far the most fun things to play around with! Here’s what you’ll need for the Eridian cocktail: – 2 measure strawberry and cream liqueur (or strawberry milk) – 1/2 measure blue curacao […]