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Cyber Villains – A Better Kind of Evil?

Perusing the internet is dangerous for a number of reasons, but chief among them (aside from warping your fragile little mind) is discovering just what huge bellends the human race can be. I was recently turned onto an article bluntly titled The 7 Biggest Dick Moves in the History of Online Gaming (credit goes to for this wonderful internet […]

Television 0

I Will Survive…On TV

I’ve been watching a lot of the Discovery channel recently, and in particular a couple of survival shows have been piquing my interest. This has got me thinking on a couple of things based around such programmes. Firstly, I wonder to myself just why we are so enthralled with watching people put themselves through some of the worst and most […]

Internet 2

Nathan Fillion Cares About Swamp Ass

It’s a problem that I know I’ve suffered from before, and any avid gamer, television-enjoyer or someone who just sits a lot will know the pain that is Swamp Ass. For those who do not know what Swamp Ass is, watch the following video starring Nathan Fillion. He cares about Swamp Ass, and wants to stop it ruining the lives […]

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Absurdisan: (n) artisan of the absurd

Welcome to Asburdisan! No matter how you phrase any welcome to a new site, it always sounds horrendously lame awesomely great. So you have to bowl straight in, no ‘if’s, ‘and’s or ‘but’s, without an introductory paragraph about how awkward it is to introduce a new site. Like this awkward introductory paragraph. Balls. Anyway, I set up Absurdisan as an […]