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Project: YouBook – Introduction & Rules

Hello internet-users! I’m creating a fantastic new project on YouTube that I hope will take off and get loads of people involved. This is a new project that I’ve not seen done before on YouTube. It’s a simple concept – it works like that children’s game/activity where one person writes a sentence, then hands it over to the next guy […]

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Absurdisan’s Unholy Union With Facebook

Cast your gaze to the right of this page – yes, that’s right – and now scroll down slightly. You might notice a funny box with lots of wonderful-looking people in it – those are the faithful and amazing fans of Absurdisan’s new Facebook page! You should absolutely go and ‘Like’ Absurdisan on Facebook right now, because it is on […]

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Absurdisan: (n) artisan of the absurd

Welcome to Asburdisan! No matter how you phrase any welcome to a new site, it always sounds horrendously lame awesomely great. So you have to bowl straight in, no ‘if’s, ‘and’s or ‘but’s, without an introductory paragraph about how awkward it is to introduce a new site. Like this awkward introductory paragraph. Balls. Anyway, I set up Absurdisan as an […]