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Tediore Shots (Borderlands) – The Mana Bar Ep.18

If you’ve got to be quick on the draw, then you’ll want a Tediore! Check out this shot for some serious high-speed damage. Here’s what you’ll need (quantities will vary depending on how many shots you are making): – Bols yoghurt liqueur – Sprite (or gomme syrup) – Vodka Mix the Bols yoghurt liqueur and Sprite together and fill half […]

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Maliwan Shots (Borderlands) – The Mana Bar Ep.12

Maliwan Shots (Borderlands) – The Mana Bar Ep.12 It’s all elementary, my dear Vault Hunter – or rather elemental! Maliwan guns specialise is elemental damage, so here’s a series of mental shots. Here’s what you’ll need: Incendiary – Limoncello – Grenadine Corrosive – Creme de Menthe – Gin Shock – Blue Curacao – Vodka Explosive – Tequila – Monster energy […]

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Boomer Bile Cocktail & Shot – The Mana Bar Ep.8

This is a great cocktail that’s just punchy and sharp enough to call the horde! Here’s what you’ll need to make the cocktail and the shot: Boomer Bile Cocktail – 2 measures Southern Comfort – 1/2 measure absinthe (optional) – 5 to 6 measures orange juice – approx 1/2 to 1 measure blue curacao to colour Shake the ingredients together […]