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The Mana Bar 0

Cookie Clicker Alcoshake – The Mana Bar Ep.38

It’s delicious and pretty easy to make, so whip up one of these and prepare to spend hours mindlessly clicking on a digital cookie for… I’m sure there’s a reason… Here’s what you’ll need: – vanilla ice cream (a few good scoops) – 235ml milk – 4/5 shots chocolate liqueur – 5 chocolate chip cookies (or however many you want) […]

Internet 0

Project: YouBook – Introduction & Rules

Hello internet-users! I’m creating a fantastic new project on YouTube that I hope will take off and get loads of people involved. This is a new project that I’ve not seen done before on YouTube. It’s a simple concept – it works like that children’s game/activity where one person writes a sentence, then hands it over to the next guy […]